Energy Efficiency

DUnder the National Home Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS), all new homes must meet minimum 6 star requirements for energy efficiency in order to obtain building certification. This is usually achieved using approved software such as BERSpro. This software rates the heating and cooling loads of a design from zero to 10 stars. A 6-star house therefore provides a reasonable level of energy efficiency but will still need some heating in winter and some cooling in summer to maintain a comfortable temperature. An 8-star house would need less heating and cooling to maintain the same temperatures. In parts of Queensland we are in a perfect position to design homes that require minimal heating and cooling. Given the right orientation, window size and placement, insulation, lighting, and passive solar design, an ordinary brick veneer or timber home can achieve up to 10 stars without major additional construction costs, resulting in substantial savings in power bills over the lifetime of the home. Given the ever-increasing costs of electricity, energy efficiency is a point worthy of consideration during the design stage of your home.

Infinity Building Design specialises in producing highly energy efficient homes.