Design Process

The drawing process can be divided into three stages, the preliminaries, the sketch stage, and the working drawing stage.

The Preliminaries

Before signing up, please call to discuss your project.  If, after the phone call you wish to meet to discuss your project further, we can arrange a free consultation.   When you’re ready, fill out the ‘Engagement Form’, the ‘Design Brief’ and pay the deposit, and we’ll be ready to move on to the next stage.

Download Preliminary Design Brief

The Sketch Stage

During the sketch stage we work with the client to detail the design brief to suit the needs and budget of the client and the constraints and orientation of the site.  Once this is established a floor plan is created and sent to the client for review.  Any required changes are made and a sketch drawing set including the revised floor plan, site plan, elevations and a colour 3D are sent to the client for review.  Further changes can be made until the client is happy with every aspect of the design. It is preferable for all design changes to be finalised at the sketch stage.

These plans can be sent to builders for preliminary quotes.

For clients interested in energy efficiency and reduced power bills, a preliminary energy rating (using approved rating software) can be prepared at the sketch stage. The design can then be adjusted to maximise energy efficiency.

During this time it is beneficial to contact a geotechnical engineer to get a soil test.

The Working Drawing Stage

The working drawings are the technical drawings required to be submitted to a certifier for building approval along with engineering drawings, soil test, and a minimum 6 star energy rating certificate. Once working drawings are completed, a builder will be able to provide more detailed costings, an engineer can prepare engineering drawings and Infinity Building Design can prepare the energy rating certificate.

Additional information may be required depending on your site including;

  • Bushfire report
  • Flood information
  • Treatment plant/septic tank design